Munnar Trekking

Wild Elephant Eco-Friendly Resort and its pecincts has perhaps the best collection of waterfalls in Munnar.Appearing like thin white lines amongst the woods the scene of these amazing waterfalls when watched from a close proximity or even when miles away is absolutely spectacular.As one approaches the waterfalls he can hear the gurguling sound of the water and its thunderous roar echoing through the mountains. There are more than 12 big and small water falls in and around Wild Elephant Eco-Friendly Resort out of which Perumban Kuth, Kozhivalan Kuthu, Chinnar Kuthu, Kozhiyala Kuthu etc. will entice you to stay on and enjoy the beauty of nature. The nearest waterfall from the resort is the one which can be seen from the Resort where most of our guest prefer to o by walk and see the waterfall comin down from the mountains. The guest can also see a Magic Tree which has a truck which has several colours ranging from green to orange- a truly amazing phenomenon. No wonder the villagers worship this tree and all newly weds go to seek the blessings of the tree god for progeny.